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Welcome to our NEW website for Antenuptial Contracts, where we offer an easy, efficient and very cost effective alternative solution for couples planning to get married. Here at EZ-Antenuptial.co.za all our services are online and web-based, meaning that you don't have to schedule appointments or waste time in reception areas.


Our service model has been designed to ensure that you are assisted throughout the 5 stages of our entire process,in the comfort of you home or office. You will have access to legal assistance, attorneys and our very own exclusive Notary to ensure your Antenuptial Contract is registered and legal. Feel free to review our 5 step process - You will be amazed at how easy it is... We ARE the right choice for you!


PLEASE NOTE: In terms of South African Law, people who get married are automatically married in community of property unless they entered into an Antenuptial Contract prior to the marriage and the Antenuptial Contact also had to be attested before an attorney who is a Notary, prior to the marriage.  It is therefore essential that you conclude an Antenuptial Contract before you get married, because although it is possible to change your marital regime after your marriage, it is a very expensive and time-consuming process.


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